Welcome to A New Dawn Elementary and Pre-school.


We are an independent, co-educational school serving a diverse student population in Queens, New York.

A New Dawn Elementary and Pre-school provides exciting learning opportunities from Pre-school through 6th Grade.

Our traditional school calendar runs from September to June. A New Dawn also offers full-day summer programs from July through August.

The diverse faculty work together to provide a delineated scope for curriculum and teaching in all areas of early education. We establish guidelines for expectations and curriculum development. We also provide resources and materials and collaborative planning for program implementation, and we support performance-based assessment. We claim the responsibility to prepare students with the foundation for enlightened citizenry and the love for lifelong learning.

A New Dawn fosters a forum to strengthen language arts, building concepts in literary skills and critical thinking strategies. This is developed in all areas of the narrative language, maintaining, and transferring to form a basis for language acquisition, as well as for social and academic achievement in English. Emphasis is placed on utilizing students' prior knowledge, learning style, and cultural background as building blocks for instruction. Our effective instruction allows students to capitalize on their existing linguistic, academic, cognitive, emotional, and aesthetic strengths.

Students work with caring teachers who share, not only technical experience, but life experience as well.

A New Dawn believes that the humanity of each teacher is vital if young people are to learn well, for it is from human understanding that a community of trust and understanding is created and maintained.

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A New Dawn Elementary and Pre-School
89-14 163rd Street
Queens, NY 11432
Fax: 718-739-0711
Phone: 718-206-1500
E-mail: jmclaughlin@anewdawnelementary.org


Ms. Joy McLaughlin is the founder and principal of A New Dawn Elementary and Pre-School. She has more than a decade of experience enhancing the lives of young people. In 1994, she founded A Special Place For Kids, an independent co-educational daycare, pre-school, and kindergarten program. A New Dawn Elementary is a progeny of A Special Place for Kids and was born at the requests of the parents of the graduates, who had grown accustomed to the solid foundation and academic structure of A Special Place for Kids.

Ms. McLaughlin has enjoyed over 24 years of successfully operating and managing her own business as a real estate broker and mortgage banker. Her thirst for the improvement of the education of our youth came while she searched for a school for her young son. She wanted a school where diversity, coupled with academic enrichment, would produce our future leaders; a school where teachers were excited about instructing; a school where children looked forward to coming each day, wide-eyed in anticipation of what they were to learn.

Ms. McLaughlin created such a school when she established A Special Place for Kids. She vowed then to continue the journey of producing lifelong learners. Ms. McLaughlin has earned several business certificates from accredited institutions: Pace University, Buruch College, and Fordham University. She has been actively involved in the production of several community functions, including The Community Awareness for Young People in the Arts Program, Free Exhibition of Young Artists in the Community, and the Community Cultural Extravaganza, just to name a few. Ms. McLaughlin has received several commendations for her active role in community awareness. These include a 1994 Commendation from Mayor Dinkins, a 1994 Commendation from the Jamaica Progressive League, and a 1995 Commendation from President Bill Clinton.

Ms. McLaughlin is a strong advocate for the welfare of children and is recognized for her help in securing the budget for the continuation of the Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program. A Special Place for Kids, in association with the Department of Education, has administered the Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program since 1999.



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