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Nursery Through Pre-Kindergarten
(ages two through four)
Our students play a lot. One half of their day is spent playing, but that doesn't mean they're not learning. During this time, they are
Meeting friends,
Playing with toys,
Looking at books,
Listening to music,
Pouring and measuring in the sandbox,
Having different experiences in a mostly child group situation vs. a mostly adult situation,
Developing and expanding play experiences,
Learning to share the adults' attention,
Learning social skills needed to play games and make friends,
Building with materials that may not be available at home,
Using messy art materials in a place provided for experimentation,
Trying on different personalities with different clothing,
Becoming independent,
Comparing and contrasting different experiences, and
Learning from others while broadening their horizons.

So you see, what looks like play is really hard work!

The other half of their day is spent on the following, fun-filled program. Students will
Communicate their mathematical, scientific, and technological ideas using everyday language;
Use concrete materials and diagrams to explore number relationships;
Collect, organize, and describe data from the world around them;
Identify, compare, and construct geometric shapes and relate them to their environment;
Explore and discover the process of measurement;
Describe situations and make predictions while exploring the concepts of chance;
Explore, experiment with, and manipulate a variety of materials to create artwork;
Demonstrate basic organizational and motor skills through the artistic process;
Recognize the symbols of our nation and appreciate how different groups celebrate the various national holidays;
Identify the five senses and the major body parts and describe their functions and locations;
Demonstrate first aid techniques for cuts, scrapes, and bruises and identify safety hazards and rules to minimize injury;
Experiment with cueing systems (syntax and graphophonetic) through literature and oral language; and
Listen to and watch poetry, plays, movies, and stories that demonstrate how authors and performers evoke particular feelings to their audiences.

Grades Kindergarten through 6th Grade

The following subjects are integrated in the curriculum:

Social Studies
Students will study the following topics:
Self and family relations
Local community
United States history
Communities around the world
Contemporary United States, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean
Contemporary Europe, Mediterranean region, Africa, and Asia

Health education
Physical education
Home economics

Language Arts
English literature
Reading comprehension
Language history
English as a second language

Computer Science




Visual arts
Performing arts

Emphasis is placed on the visual and performing arts to develop focus and creativity. This brings additional interest to the student. We believe that students should be excited about attending school!

Graduates of 2009
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